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The Buick Riviera – A Love Story

Buick Riviera owners have a special passion for their classic cars. 1963 Marked the very first production year, manufactured to appeal to the sophisticated buyer with an eye for quality and an affinity for the exciting one-of-a-kind looks the brand new model offered.

Skip ahead to 1979; this model year brought a completely new Riviera to the market. Some dramatic firsts include front wheel drive, a V-6 engine and the introduction of the sporty S-Type. The soon popular S-Type featured heavy-duty sway bars, shock absorbers and torsion bars in addition to a quicker steering gear ratio. The new model was so impressive that Motor Trend magazine awarded the Riviera the esteemed “Car of the Year” award.

In 1980, detail improvements lent the Riviera a sleek new look, while staying true to its 1963 roots. 1981 Brought the egg-crate grill that served to create an entirely new look for the model year. The Buick catalog described the ’81 model as being on the “leading edge of Detroit technology.” In 1982, the Riviera Convertible was introduced (with a hefty price increase), along with the first overdrive transmission. The Buick Riviera remained in production for 17 more years, and retains its loyal fan base to this day.

Danko Reproductions offers durable fiberglass reproductions and cutting-edge styling for the 1979 Buick Riviera through its 1985 production year. We have Buick Riviera bumper fillers and quarter panel extensions, a 5-piece front bumper filler set and 6-piece rear bumper filler set. Our bumper filler/quarter panel extensions for the Riviera are by far the best value. These extensions fit great and come in a black gel coat finish. Parts must be lightly sanded, primed and painted. Satisfaction guaranteed! Contact Danko today to restore your classic Buick Riviera today, at 1-866-626-3701.

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  1. Joe Morrow says:

    I just received the “85 Riviera Filler Panel set, but I could not get the Installation instructions and drill hole locations.
    Can you mail or email these items? Thanks, Joe

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