Shake Air System Options

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Base Shaker System

Method 1: Base Shaker System

Our base shaker system, which comes standard with a fitted air shroud, can be installed directly over the untouched factory air box simply covering up your stock airbox. This directs more cold air to the general air box area, but the air still enters from the stock location at the bottom of the box. For better performance, some have opened up extra breather holes in the side of the air box to allow more cold air in. This method is the least expensive way to go and does not alter the OEM air system system that came on your car for those who wish to keep it stock.

Base Shaker with Aftermarket CAI

Method 2: Base Shaker with Aftermarket CAI (Cold Air Intake)

If you already have an aftermarket CAI, you can make it a “real” cold air intake and deliver some extra cold air to it! In this method, the provided air shroud (pictured in Method 1) provides tons of cold air to the top of your CAI in a similar way that many other aftermarket ram air hoods do. Some trimming/removing of the CAI’s heat shield may be required in order for the shroud to fit over it.

Method 3: Semi-Sealed Aftermarket CAI

Method 3: “Semi-Sealed” Aftermarket CAI

If you want to get the most out of your existing aftermarket CAI, you can Adapt your CAI by cutting a round hole in the side of your CAI box and installing a flange and hose to pipe the cold air into your CAI. This does insulate the cold air more depending on how good the seal is around the box and to the hood and will optimize the performance of any CAI, but does require some a custom installation. This method requires our Manifold Upgrade listed at the bottom of this page.

Method 4: Sealed System - True Ram Air!

Method 4: Sealed System – True Ram Air!

For the absolute best looking and performing system, and the closest thing available to what the original 426 Hemi shakers had, you may want to consider our Sealed System, which is specifically designed to work with our shakers. This is a complete sealed filter system which includes a plug for the bottom of your factory air box and a large Dual- Cone S&B performance air filter.

This system snaps onto the lower half of your factory air box and allows the pressure build-up in the shaker to ram the air into your manifold. This is a real performance RAM AIR set up and many customers have reported a 1-2 MPG gain and better track times, but it is nearly impossible to dyno test a ram air system since the car must be moving for it to work. This method requires our Manifold Upgrade listed at the bottom of this page.

Manifold Upgrade

Manifold Upgrade

This upgrade is required if you choose to go with method 3 or 4. The Manifold Upgrade is a factory installed unit that is built into the bottom of the shaker. It gives you the required 4″ID pipe outlet to make it possible to attach a hose to the shaker. Even if you are not ready to get the sealed system, we recommend you consider getting the manifold upgrade, as it will allow you to upgrade the air system at a later date if you should wish to do so, and also makes the shaker a better performing unit.

Shaker Height Adjusment

Shaker Height Adjusment

Our shaker hardware is pre-set at the factory to give you the best combination of performance and trouble free operation. The picture shows the profile view of what it should look like; However, since the shaker mounts are adjustable (+/-) 1/2″ in either direction, some choose to raise or lower it according to their taste or performance demands. This of course is fine to do as long as the scoop does not interfere with the hood brace or filter system.

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