Dodge Challenger Shaker Hood System

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Our Challenger Hemi Shaker System is functional in the way that it routes cold air to the air box if a CAI cold air intake is used. This version is not a sealed system, but it will deliver plenty of cold air directly to the top of your existing CAI or can be installed directly over your stock air box as well. Also please see our Shaker Technical Page for details on how to route the manifold outlet into your existing CAI for a “Semi-Sealed System”. Our most popular Kit fits all 5.7L and 6.4L Hemi engines, but can be special ordered to work with the srt8 6.1L Hemi or 3.5L v6 for an additional charge. For 2011-14 Cars, you will need to change your radiator overflow plastic tank to the older 05-10 style if you want to clear the sealed system. A separate Hood is never included, as it is always designed to be custom installed onto your OEM Challenger aluminum Hood like all of our shaker kits. The Optional Challenger Trim ring will come right to the edge of the center hood hump and cover up the cut edge. Some sheet metal welding should be done to stabilize the hood skin and seal it up. If the Hemi Manifold Upgrade is purchased, no air shroud will come with the shaker. V6 Shakers do not come with an air shroud and the optional Sealed System Upgrade includes the Manifold Upgrade AND the internal Filter System inside the scoop. Our Shaker Kits are so true to the original Hemi Cuda of the early 70′s that even the OEM 1770-73 Shaker Grilles or Our brand new SRT8/Daytona Honeycomb shaker grilles (sold separately) can actually be used instead of the provided honeycomb aluminum mesh. This Shaker kit includes necessary mounting hardware to bolt it to your engine and a water drain system. Because of the complexity of our shakers, all Danko shaker systems are considered special orders. This is our own unique design so you can count on a Danko quality fit and finish.



1978-1981 Camaro Z-28 5-Piece Wheel Spoiler Flare Kit

2008-2014 Dodge Challenger Base Shaker System

This Shaker kit includes all mounting hardware and instructions. Hood not included.

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Available Upgrades

Shaker Sealed System Ram Air Kit

Shaker Sealed System Ram Air Kit

Upgrade your shaker to be a true Ram Air! Includes an S&B High performance Dual Cone Filter, polished stainless steel T-bold Clamps and 3-ply Silicone hoses. Please specify black,red or blue silicone hoses. Our Manifold Upgrade is required in order to use this system. If the sealed system or the Manifold Upgrade is purchased no air Shroud will come with the shaker.
For our Shaker Technical information, click here.

Manifold Upgrade

Manifold Upgrade

Our Manifold Upgrade comes factory installed and converts your shaker into a sealed shaker, If the Manifold Upgrade is purchased no air Shroud will come with the shaker. This option is required in order to use the sealed system. For more information, click on the Shaker Air Systems Options Link at the bottom of this page.