Buick Grand National Parts – Regal – T-Type Bumper Filler Sets

GNF Regal Bumper Filler Instructions


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3 Responses to GNF Regal Bumper Filler Instructions

  1. Steph says:

    How about putting up the correct installation instructions for the FRONT set?

  2. Michael Bouie says:

    What modifications have to be done for the front fillers to fit on an ’81? I ordered a pair a few months ago and can’t get them to line up right. I know something has to be cut off, but what exactly?

  3. jamie says:

    In regards to Michael’s question. I have a 1983 Regal t-type which I am installing front and back fillers. The front fillers on mine will need to be cut to remove the inner tip of the filler to allow for a small segment block that is attached to the grill at the bottom left and right. Removing the block is not an option. It still does not provide enough room for the filler and the block stops the forward movement of the grill from the tension springs. The back fillers appear to fit nice, but the flange is a little short the mount holes will be right at the edge, poor trim job I expect. For what its worth I saved the metal brackets from the original fillers and plan to install them with the new fillers they appear to fit very nice and add support and distribute the load over the flange nicely. probably not needed, but no kill like over kill.

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