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Mini Front Spoiler Latest Addition to Dodge Magnum Product Offerings!

For many years now, Danko has been offering a full-size Dodge Magnum custom spoiler that fits all 2005 to 2007 models (except for the SRT model). These spoilers offers 6.5-inch road clearance wrap all the way around to the ends of the nose.  Although Danko offers 3 versions of this spoiler, many enthusiasts still prefer one that is much more toned down in styling, and much more affordable than our larger more aggressive versions. In the past, to fill this bill, many magnum owners  would buy a Charger Daytona spoiler and custom install it on the front of their Magnum since it had these qualities.  The problem was always that the Magnum nose doesn’t have a pointy center crease in the front, so this styling cue from the Charger spoiler looked out of place on on the Mangum. Also, the spoiler ends abruptly as it tries to curve around the nose. This mod definitely leaves something to be desired, looking like an unfinished thought.

Introducing the Danko Magnum Mini spoiler! – This new addition to Danko’s already exciting line up  is much more affordable and is easier to install than it’s Danko brethren. I  perfectly follows the contour of the Magnum nose, creating smooth, fluid lines. This is just the latest addition to the line of products Danko Reproductions offers for your Magnum. As with most of our offerings, Danko custom emblems are also available for the Magnum. To complete our product offering for the Dodge Magnum, we also offer custom front grilles, available for 2005 to 2007 models. This grille lends that highly sought after classic old-school muscle car look of the 1969 Dodge Charger and the 70’s Plymouth Barracuda. The custom grille comes with an aluminum honeycomb mesh, or even srt8 style black plastic honeycomb as an upgrade.  All necessary hardware/gaskets and installation instructions.

View our Magnum spoiler picture gallery here. To learn more about these products and those offered for your model, call us at 1-866-626-3701.

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