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Dodge Challenger 2012 Preview, Hints at Reviving Plymouth Barracuda

Automobile.com recently revealed Dodge’s current plans for the 2012 Dodge Challenger. The new model is currently set to feature brand new engines for the entry-level and high-end models, a nose without an emblem and minor changes with the sheet metal. All but the SRT8 model, which may get a Pentastar-based motor instead of the current motor, are expected to make their debut late in 2011.

In other Dodge news, the car manufacturer may be planning on reviving the Barracuda, some exciting news for fans of the Challenger as well as the classic muscle car itself. In the ‘70s, the Dodge Challenger and the Plymouth Barracuda had the same platform, but the ‘Cuda was much more aggressive-looking, making it a highly sought after model. Although Plymouth no longer exists, it may not stop Chrysler from bringing back the Barracuda under the Dodge or Chrysler nameplate. The new model would be based on the upcoming Dodge Challenger. There is some speculation, however, that the retro muscle car may see too much competition from popular models like the Mustang, Camaro and the possibility of a new GTO, to sell. For now, fans can only wait and see.

At Danko Reproductions, we can’t express our excitement about the prospect of a resurrected ‘Cuda enough. We already offer an extensive line of products for the Challenger, and Moshe would love nothing more than to create one-of-a-kind customs for this classic muscle car. Check our store to see what we offer for the Dodge Challenger. For a limited time, the Challenger Base Danko Shaker System and the Shaker Sealed System Upgrade are now on sale! Don’t miss out on this great deal, call Danko today at 1-866-626-3701.

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