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Danko’s Reproductions for the Camaro Z28

The Chevy Camaro is one of the most beloved muscle cars ever to enter the market. Loyal fanatics dedicate web pages, forums and more just to discuss and celebrate their passion for this American legend. Chevrolet rolled out the second generation of the Camaro in 1970, the Z28.

The Z28 has undergone several cosmetic changes since its 1970 inception, but has remained a high-performance machine based on the F-body platform. The Z28 is still in production today, thanks to the dedication of its fans. General Motors confirmed the 2011 model in September of 2009.

The Z28’s mean looks and impressive performance begged enthusiasts to create a variety of after-market products to further enhance the overall appeal of the car. Danko Reproductions offers a full line of after-market products for this classic Camaro, starting with its original production year, 1970, through 1992. For the 1970-1973 production years, we have Z28 spoilers that are 1-piece fiberglass, and are an exact reproduction of the factory OEM unit. The advantage to our spoiler over others is that it is made of fiberglass, therefore it can be painted body color for a unique effect. For the 1974-1977 models, we offer Z28 fender vents and center, side, front and 3-piece spoilers (all are hand-laid fiberglass in a black gel-coat finish). For the 1978-1981 models, we offer Z28 wheel flares (now on sale! Check the store for more information on this limited-time offer!), hood scoops, spoilers and more.

We also offer the Danko Inferno series of products, with the popular Rear Wide Body Kit, Widebody Front Fender Caps and more. Click here to see pictures of our own full-body kit design for the Chevrolet Camaro Z28, Berlinetta, Iroc-Z. Many of these items may be used independently. This kit is designed to fit years 1983-1992. For more details and shipping quotes, please call 305-934-8663 or email us through the website contact form.

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