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Danko’s Premier Buick Regal and Grand National Reproductions

The introduction of the Buick Grand National marked the brief but celebrated return to the manufacturer’s muscle car roots. This revival of the performance vehicle began with the Turbo Regal models, migrated to the Grand National and then the series, which dominated the drag race strips during the late 1980s.

The popularity of the impressive Grand National remains strong thanks to passionate owners devoted to maintaining and improving the already turbocharged, six-cylinder engine and classic good looks. At Danko Reproductions, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality products for your beloved classic auto.  Our Buick Grand National bumper fillers are the best deal on the market, and are currently on sale for the 1981-87 models!

Our 1981- 1987 Buick Regal / Grand National Bumper Fillers, also known as Quarter Panel Extensions, have been used and accepted worldwide by enthusiasts and popular retailers alike to be the best ones on the market. They are made using only the highest quality fiberglass materials which are amazingly strong and resilient. The OEM originals were made of Urethane rubber, which unfortunately deteriorates in the sun and disintegrates, leaving you with giant gaping holes in the front and rear of your car!  For this reason, no one has reproduced them in the original rubber urethane material!  Although we do also sell ABS plastic Regal Bumper Fillers, we highly recommend the fiberglass ones over the ABS for many reasons:

1)  Both materials are semi-rigid and may crack in a collision, but the fiberglass ones can be easily repaired by any body shop, whereas the ABS cannot.

2) Each ABS filler is made of 2 pieces glued together and then the seam is filled, so the factory seam is likely to require some additional body work and ABS plastic is very difficult to sand and work with. Also the seam can crack at a later date. Even though they have a lifetime guarantee, it does not include the cost of installation and paint work. In contrast, our fiberglass fillers are cast as one contiguous piece, and do not have these issues.

3) The ABS is made by stretching a hot sheet of plastic over a mould and applying vacuum. This causes very thin spots in the sharp edges and corners, the very places where extra support is needed. Sometimes the edges are so thin that light can pass through, so putty must be applied inside the edge to reinforce it. That is why these parts often fail at the bolt flange where they bolt to the quarter panel during even a very slight collision.  The Fiberglass is not made this way and therefore has a uniform thickness throughout.

In addition to our world famous Danko Fiberglass Bumper Fillers, we also make many other reproduction parts for the Regal/GN platform.  These include: Front and Rear bumpers, GNX wheel flares, GNX Fender Louvers, Front Header Panel, 3-piece Grand National GN Rear Spoiler and the GN hood Scoop. These are all reproductions of the original parts, and come in a black gel-coat finish that should be sanded, primed and painted. Installation is made simple, with our easy to follow instructions. There are also pictures to show you just how great the bumper filler looks when completely installed. All parts feature installation instructions at the click of a button on our website.

The popularity of our Buick Grand National products enables us to offer it to you at an unbeatable price. We use the very best fiberglass to create our parts for the 1981-87 Grand National, Regal, T-Type, GN and GNX. To speak with a Danko expert, please visit our website or call us at 1-305-934-8663

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