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  1. Max German says:

    Hey, I’m looking to purchase a 68 style dodge charger grille with honeycomb. Is there any group buys or anything? What would be the price of this set including shipping to Nanaimo, BC, Canada?
    Thx, Max

  2. moshe says:

    If your club is interested in a group purchase or you just want to make a very large multiple item purchase we can usually give you a better deal and save you money on combined shipping but that would have to be done on a case by case basis so feel free to contact us for a quote. Thanks, Mo

  3. Sean says:

    Where are the installation instructions for the Charger rear diffuser? I would like more info on how to mount it…

  4. Renay says:

    Are the rear diffusers in production already? If so, how long does it take to get them delivered? Was hoping for before Dec. 25th. ~Thanks~

  5. Steve Williams says:


    Will I receive the magnum spoiler before Christmas?


    Hi, they are made to order and usually take 2-3 weeks before they ship because we are always a little backed up. Thanks, Mo

    E-mail :

    I ordered the Magnum Standard Spoiler October 31 2010 Paypal receipt number 4396-5202-3655-0902. My question is how long is delivery?

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