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Christine Gudzelak Bad Banana

Dodge Charger Bad BananaBACK in 2006, Christine Gudzelak was fortunate enough to have been married to a husband with great taste in automobiles. Being the big Mopar fans that they both were, he purchased this 2006 Dodge Daytona Charger, which was a demo car from the local dealership. After enjoying it for a year and keeping it totally stock, he decided to give his Ol’ Yeller Daytona to his wife, knowing how much she liked it.

But little did he know, she wasn’t gonna just settle for a plain Daytona, and she began doing what wives do best– Shopping (for mods)!! Then the madness began..She got her feet wet with simple mods, mostly changing out the vinyl graphics, adding a cold air intake, and a personally customized engine cover with a grim reaper. The hubby got into it a little and helped painting a few things under the hood to help quench her thirst for diverseness, which made her happy – for a while that is. Then, one day while surfing the web, Christine came across a picture of the Danko Charger on one of the Charger Forums. It was then that she knew exactly what she wanted and wasn’t gonna settle for anything less!

Dodge Charger Bad Banana” I bugged my Husband for months about doing some big mods, and all I talked about was that car I was inspired by…So when he gave me the OK, I wasted no time contacting Mo from Danko Reproductions. I think I ordered almost every part he makes for our Chargers..I ordered the custom 69 style non vented fenders, the 69 grill with slat inserts, the lower grill insert, the front spoiler, the 3 piece rear spoiler, the sealed shaker system w/ slat inserts”.

Dodge Charger Bad BananaYes, Christina was definitely bitten by the Mod bug and fortunately, her husband was a good sport and went with the flow…after all, how many husbands are lucky enough to have a wife going on a mad shopping spree to buy mods for the family muscle car?

Looking for a shop was Christine’s next mission, so she kept her eyes open at all the local events. After spotting 2 outstanding Magnum show cars (not to mention they were trophy winners every time they were shown), she did a little leg work until she was introduced to Dennis Tindall, a paint and body pro from Wraith Motorsports. After speaking with him, she immediately knew she wanted him to do his magic on her car too, so the deal was struck.

Dodge Charger Bad BananaIt was only a short time before Christine dropped off the car. She sent him pictures, emails, renderings, and had all the parts drop shipped directly to him. She then proceeded to bugg poor Dennis for weeks!! “How’s it coming along”, “what did you do to her today”? On and on, until the Bad Banana was finally done…According to Christine, “the installation of the parts went smoothly, and I am beyond thrilled with the finished product.. I finally had my Danko Charger…I still have a few mods to do, like add hood pins, have my rear pillars, and louvers installed, and get some of Danko’s retro badging for the car…But I love the look, and am thrilled with how it turned out! Thanks Mo!”

Dodge Charger Bad BananaWe, at Danko Reproductions, also love Christine’s creation because the car truly pays homage to the old school chargers like no other we have seen to this day, so congradulations Christine! And don’t forget that we will still be looking forward to the day you get all of the goodies that you are still waiting for and then we will catch everyone up on the final outcome!

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