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Q: What are Danko’s parts made of?

A. Most of our parts are made from the highest quality polyester based FRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastics) and are 100% hand laid. Our plastic grilles and emblems are made of polyurethane plastics and hard urethane rubber.

Q: What kind of finish do Danko Parts come in?

A. All of our hand crafted fiberglass products must be sanded, primed and painted. They come in a semi-shiny black gel coat finish and may come slightly scuffed, have black primer spots on the surface, or small protruding bumps or tiny chips on the grinded fiberglass edges. These areas are generally superficial (only in the gel coat surface) and will disappear once sanded down. This type of required prep work is typical in the aftermarket  fiberglass automotive parts industry. Our urethane plastic grills may also require minor touch up if necessary but  they do come in a solid black color and can be painted if desired.

Q. Will I be required to trim the parts in order for them to fit?

A. We do our very best to accurately trim each part to the exact shape for perfect fitment, however, it is still recommended to test fit all parts before painting as sometimes slight trimming adjustment may be necessary for a perfect fit.

Q. Do the mounting holes come pre-drilled?

A. All mounting holes have divots and/or are clearly marked in the location to be drilled, but they are not drilled. The installer must drill out the holes, so a drill and a 5/16″ drill bit is required for installation. Drilling out the mounting holes in order to test fit the parts will not void our return policy.

Q. Can the parts be ordered painted to match my car?

A. We are not offering painted parts at this time, unless we are doing the installation at our shop.

Q. Once I order, how long of a wait should I expect before my parts are shipped?

A. Many of our parts are custom made to order and are not normally in stock. Our lead times are only an estimate, but usually most simple orders will be processed within 3 -6 weeks. Larger or more complicated orders such as shaker systems usually take 4-8 weeks depending on the season and how backed up we are in the shop. Please understand that high quality handcrafted parts take time to make properly. If you are in a rush for the parts, a phone call before ordering is the best policy to ensure that you do not get into a bind

Q. Can I return the product if I’m not happy with it?

A. Generally yes. Please review our return policy in the “Lead Time and Return Policy Page” under the About Us Tab.

Q. What happens if the item arrives damaged?

A. If your Danko order arrives damaged or incomplete, you must email within 24 hours of receipt of the damaged items, and Danko will file a claim for you with the shipping service. You will be asked to email pictures of the damage and then we will correct the problem in the most efficient way possible with no additional cost to you.

Q. The part listed comes with hex mesh. Does the mesh come pre-attached to the part and painted black or do I need to do that myself?

A. Our aluminum mesh comes standard in a natural aluminum finish. If you would like it painted black or polished, we can have it powder coated for an extra charge, please contact us for a quote. The mesh or plastic inserts do not come pre-attached, but are easily installed with JB-Weld epoxy putty available at any automotive parts store.

Q. If I want to make a large order, can I get a better deal?

A. We would be happy to give special price consideration on a large order. Also we may be able to save you a considerable amount on combined shipping, so give us a ring.

Q. Can you put pictures of my car on your website?

A. If you should send us large clear pictures of the Danko product on your car, we will be happy to review and consider it for possible use on our website, but no matter what, we would be thrilled to see your pictures and hear your feedback. If we feature your car in our Danko Hall of Fame, we will award you a $100 gift certificate prize to show our appreciation.

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